Thursday, January 30, 2014

Work is continuing on the new WPC plugin "myFBpage"...

Work is continuing on the new WPC plugin "myFBpage"... some screenshots of the work in progress, the blue area where the usual FB background picture is being replaced by the new "myFBpage Channel" which will have an unending venue of entertainment features, movies, games and news provided by "Channel Masters" much like YouTube channels providing uninterrupted entertainment without interfering with your myFBpage experience.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Development of myFBpage

Development has begun on a template/plug-in set that will allow Web Press Creative users to build their own personal social website that is linked with Facebook and allows for bi-directional posting with any Facebook account displaying the Facebook page content, sorting, storage and editing along with many other types of data manipulation and usages with additional options of functionality that Facebook does not offer with the Facebook page alone.

Along with all the features of Facebook users can "Tune in" to the myFBpage channel to interact with and endless possibility of features like videos, news, games or any media channel masters wish to provide. Applications will become available the control channel masters accounts as another plug-in for Web Press Creative.

Requests for functions, services and features is very important to our developers at this stage of the development so if there is anything you have always wanted Facebook could do or have any great ideas you want to share now is the time to tell us. We can make it happen! Let us know what you would like!!

More information on the progress on this project will be available as it is available.

Thank you,
Donald Dion Web Press Creative web application developer.